Take a risk...do marketing that defines who you are.

For many business owners playing it "safe" with their marketing is the, well, safest way to go. They either prefer portraying a staid, professional image, or they're just afraid of trying something different. What they forget is that unless you're willing to take a risk and do something different or out of the ordinary, you're likely to get lost or forgotten along with the thousands of other ads consumers see everyday.

Want to cut through the noise and be remembered? Do something that defines who you are without holding anything back. Don't be afraid to be edgy even potentially offend some one, (no don't do something stupid), but don't be afraid to stretch the creative horizon. This can range from big bold billboard ads to having a witty, slightly snarky blog on your website.

Take a look at this series of billboards we did for a local funeral home.

It was humorous, (Yes they did offend some folks), but their Top Of Mind Scores went through the roof and business grew 25% the first year. This is how outdoor is meant to work. Short, effective messaging that engages viewers and promotes recall.

The point is, if you want to rethink your marketing strategies, start first by writing down the values your business stands for. Then, look at your current marketing, and tweak things accordingly to make sure your marketing reflect those values. Then take your effort one step further ... be bold getting the message out.

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