70 percent of retail purchases are made on impulse, made at that critical moment just before the customer leaves the retailer's sphere of influence. That's why point-of-purchase advertising is one of the most essential, but also all too often overlooked, tools in a marketer's toolbox. Window posters beckon buyers to come in and browse. Floor units can effectively flaunt multiple product categories, in various shapes and sizes. Countertop displays, positioned next to cash registers or on tabletops, are ideal when space is restricted. All told, effectively designed and placed point-of-sale advertising is one of the best ways to grow your sales and improve your business. 


'Soft-Serve' at Point-of-Purchase

Take for example the dessert merchandiser we helped produced for McDonald's. Sales were generally up for most of their long-time menu items, but there had never been much of a push to focus solely on the dessert menu. Naartjie designed the graphics and sourced the hardware to fit both vertically and horizontally (as pictured) on the McDonald's drive-thru menuboard. Using the creative headline, "Think of them as Desserves," POP materials were designed to remind customers of McDonald's dessert options and suggested customers consider them as more of a "well desserved" menu add-on and not necessarily an "indulgence". POP elements for the dessert initiative included window posters, table-tents and register toppers. 

Strong promotional messages at point-of-sale can be done in many ways, but all forms are meant to achieve a common goal: to make sure that a particular product gets noticed and purchased. The McDonald's dessert campaign was successfully aimed at activating a purchase decision during the last leg of a customer's purchasing process - at the point of order - resulting in marked increase in dessert sales during the merchandiser's run. Your business may not have a menu board, but ask someone at Naartjie how POP can help drive your sales.