A Public/Private Partnership

Together 2016, and the follow up 2017 campaign, was a public-private partnership that saw 25 of the West Georgia regions most prominent corporate executives, small business owners, and community leaders pool their resources, donate their time, and share a collaborative vision for a better community. It was an opportunity for local citizens and leaders to let their voice be heard. And it was an initiative that actually accomplished a goal, providing tangible new community assets and academic scholarships.


There were two distinct aspects of Together 2016: the first aspect was a year-long cross-platform media campaign using both digital and traditional advertising that generated excitement around the Together process and elevated the Newspaper brand and the Chattahoochee Valley region. The second aspect was the creation of a fund that was used to support community projects that were suggested by the public and funded through the generosity of the Together partners.


The multi-media effort coupled the power of traditional print media and digital channels to generate an impressive level of community engagement. Over 180 print ads in various formats ran in the Ledger-Enquirer Newspaper over the 2016 period. These were supported by an equal amount online message that generated an additional 100 of thousands of online impressions. The branded website was visited over 20,000 times and sponsor testimonial videos garnered over 300,000 views. Organic and sponsored posts on the Social Media channels reached an audience of 445,000 all combining to produce an unprecedented amount of positive online content for the Columbus Community.  


The Ledger-Enquirer won accolades for the Together 2016 and 17 campaigns and the process is being repeated and repurposed throughout the McClatchy network.