Goldens' Cast Iron

Welcome To The Iron Age

When you first lay your eyes on a Goldens‘ Cast Iron Cooker, you know it's built tough. Forged from the same mill and by the same process that farm implements for American farmers have been cast since 1885. 

Iron runs in the Boyd Family's blood. They have worked iron for over a century. A process that has brought them closer together. Made them stronger. Dependable. Unbreakable. The family is a great example that when you work with family, you never clock out. You probably take your work home with you. And when your work is manufacturing the first all American-made, all cast-iron outdoor cooker, you’ll take any excuse to put in a little overtime with your co-workers. 

The Goldens’ Cast Iron Cooker is a labor of love for the family. Food has always brought them together. They remember and cherish grandma’s old cast-iron skillet, a simple implement capable of conjuring the most complex of flavors; three generations of cooking, each adding its own unique seasoning to the pan. It's an heirloom. That is what motivated them to create the Goldens’ Cast Iron Cooker. Something to pass down, father to son, generation to generation, each new owner adding their own subtle forever-family flavor.

Now the family at Goldens’ invites you to experience the future of outdoor cooking with the Golden’s Cast Iron Cooker. 


Clay has had its day.


Welcome to the Iron Age.