The Greater Columbus Chamber of Commerce conducted a survey in which they discovered that while their members knew they were benefitting from their membership, they were not exactly clear as to how they were benefitting from their membership.

Step One : Illumination of Services

It's something that many companies struggle with, you know what you do, but do your customers fully understand all the benefits? And even if your company doesn't offer as many benefits in as many different areas as the Chamber does, the need to be as clear and succinct as possible in letting members (both current and prospective) know all the wonderful things you are capable of doing on their company's behalf is essential.

In tandem with the launch of the website, we hit the airwaves with a testimonial driven TV commercial and three unique radio spots, as well as posting four billboards in locations that will rotate around the city over the course of a year.

We also designed an arsenal of brochures, take-ones, posters, life-size POP displays, and four enormous banners that now hang in the Chamber's vestibule, each featuring a different Chamber member.


Creative Arsenal: Complete

Every photo taken, every word written, every element designed, everything was handled internally at Naartjie Multimedia.

There was no tool left in the toolbox that went unused.

From concept and creative development to execution and production, the Iamthechamber campaign is a perfect example of Naartjie's ability to ascertain the challenges facing your business, envision a creative solution, and implement that solution to not only meet the challenge, but to exceed expectation.



After all, who better to tell the story of how the Chamber works than the people for whom the Chamber works?

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