Boy Scouts of America


Most charitable organizations don’t have a lot of money for extras like marketing and fundraising. They have a difficult enough time funding staff and fulfilling their primary mission. So when a charitable group comes with a need, you want to help them be good stewards with their finances and make sure they get their money’s worth. 


When the Chattahoochee Council approached us to to help them promote Camp Frank G. Lumpkin on West Point Lake we knew the need would be great, but the budget wouldn’t be. That didn’t stop us from harnessing our best creatives to craft a solid, engaging script and tell their story. Utilizing our in-house video and audio resources and the talents of some generous, local producers, we were able to script, shoot and deliver a big budget production at a fraction of the estimated cost. We didn’t cut corners. During our three days of shooting, we used just about everything in the truck; aerial drones, go pros, time lapse, jibs, and steady cam.  We’re proud of what we were able to do and the story we were able to tell. Best of all the Scouts got the video they needed and one they certainly deserve.